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Volunteer Requirements

The Holy Mackerels depends on volunteers to run our swim meets, events and traditions. In order to ensure a successful swim season, we need the help of all families. As a result, the Holy Mackerels requires that each family earn volunteer points each swim season.

How many volunteer points are required?

Each family is required to earn a total of SEVEN volunteer points, unless it's a year when we host Divisionals. On "Divisional Years" we will ask for additional support in order to successfully host all of the other teams in our division for the biggest end-of-the-year meet.  

In most years, whether a family has one or more swimmers participating in practices and/or meets, each family is only required to earn SEVEN family volunteer points.

Families who earn the required number of volunteer points receive priority registration for the next swim season. This means the family may register swimmers early, before general registration opens for new families. A great way to keep your swimmers spots on the team! Every year, the Holy Mackerels has a waitlist of new families hoping to join the team.

How does my family earn volunteer points?

There are two steps required for earning volunteer points.

1.) Families sign-up for volunteer jobs on Swimtopia. It is best to sign-up for your points early in the season. Some volunteer jobs fill up quickly.

Here are the steps for signing up: Login to your account. Click “View All” under Upcoming Events. The meets and events for the season will be listed. Click on “Job Sign-Up” for the meets and events for which you would like to volunteer. A description of the volunteer job and the time requirements are listed next to each volunteer job.

2.) On the day of the meet/event, volunteers must also sign-in at the Volunteer Sign-In Table. If you do not sign-in at the Volunteer Sign-In Table, your family will not earn the volunteer point. Please be on time. Please be able to stay at the meet/event for the time required to complete the volunteer job.

Families may designate a responsible friend or other family member (for example, a grandparent) to work their volunteer jobs. In order to make sure your family earns credit, please make sure to sign-up for the volunteer slot under your name on Swimtopia AND make sure to tell the person working your volunteer job to sign-in under your name at the Volunteer Sign-In Table on the day of the meet/event.

3) Important: If you signed-up and you cannot show up last minute, please email or text one of the volunteer's coordinators ( emails and phone numbers at the bottom of the text)

4) For each meet there is a "FLOATER" position.  This position is unassigned but is designed for parents that will be available during the meet and can pick up any last minute uncovered positions. 

How do I track my family volunteer service points?

Families track volunteer points earned on Swimtopia. After logging on, click on “My Account.” Each family is required to monitor their volunteer points earned.

What happens if my family does not earn the required volunteer points?

At the end of the season, the Swim Board will review the volunteer point total for each family. Families who did not earn the required volunteer points lose their priority registration for the next swim season. This means that the family must wait to register swimmers when regular registration begins. There is a possibility that your swimmer will be waitlisted and a spot may not become available on the team.

What if my family has special circumstances that impact our ability to earn the required volunteer points?

The Holy Mackerels want all of our families to succeed in earning the required volunteer points. We understand that special circumstances may make earning the points difficult. The Holy Mackerels Swim Board asks that any family who anticipates having difficulty with this requirement communicate with the Volunteer Coordinator Anca Dinescu - volunteers@holymackerels.com, before B&W meet (please see emails below). Special circumstances that are reported after B&W meet will be considered by the Holy Mackerels Swim Board on an individual basis.

We look forward to another great season. If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Anca Dinescu and  Volunteer Coordinator Assistant Hermon Black. Volunteering is fun and shows our team spirit! Thank you in advance for your dedication and help. If you have any questions, please email or reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator at the meets.

Volunteer Coordinator:

Anca Dinescu: volunteers@holymackerels.com 202 365 6258

Hermon Black: volunteers@holymackerels.com

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