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Concussion Policy

Arlington Knights of Columbus Holy Mackerel Swim Team

Concussion Policy and Waiver

All Arlington Knights of Columbus (AKC) swimmers and parents must read and complete this waiver before being rostered as an official swimmer and permitted to participate in AKC team activities.

1.  I understand that it is my responsibility to report all prior injuries to my coach, and to let him or her know of any precautions that must be taken. If necessary, I will undergo concussion testing prior to the start of the season to either establish a baseline value or to confirm readiness to return to play.

2.  I understand that a concussion is a form of a traumatic brain injury, and the effects may be severe. Some symptoms of a concussion are: blurry vision, behavior changes, confusion and headache. Not every concussion is associated with loss of consciousness, every degree of concussion must be taken seriously, no matter how mild. A concussion can have symptoms that show up immediately after the initial injury, or they may take hours to appear. More information on concussion symptoms can be found here: http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/sports/recognize.html

3.  I understand that all coaches of AKC have successfully passed concussion assessment training. As a swimmer, I understand it is my responsibility to report any symptoms or problems to my coach and/or my parents in a timely fashion.

4.  As a precautionary measure, swimmers will not return to swimming if they received a blow to the head that results in concussion related symptoms. Any swimmer who experiences any kind of head trauma must be monitored and undergo concussion testing before they are cleared to swim by a qualified medical professional.

5.  I understand that effective concussion treatment requires the attention of a trained medical professional. Many concussion programs incorporate complete mental and physical rest for full healing to occur. The CDC recommends a gradual 6 step program before returning to play which is outlined here: http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/headsup/return_to_p...

6.  I understand that clearance by medical professional includes written documentation that must be provided to AKC before I am able to return to swim.

AKC Policy Injury Policy

If a swimmer is injured while in competition or practice:

1)The swimmer will be removed from competition/practice

2)The swimmer will evaluated by the coach or AKC staff

3)If the swimmer sustains a blow to the head and is experiencing signs of concussion the swimmer will be evaluated by the coach or AKC staff who have successfully passed the concussion screening test

4)The swimmer’s guardians will be informed and will be instructed on next steps, including evaluation by a trained medical professional.

5)The swimmer will not be permitted to swim the day of the injury. Return to swim will only occur after written documentation from a qualified medical professional is provided.

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