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Team Traditions

“Fish” Groups

The swim team is grouped into five “schools” of fish, with each group consisting of swimmers ages 5 to 18. The groupings create a smaller sense of community and support (i.e., making posters or cards, bringing treats to the meet). The coaches see many benefits in mixing the age groups, with older swimmers helping the younger swimmers. There are fun activities and friendly competitions between the groups encouraging each swimmer to do their best while supporting each other. Our schools of fish and their corresponding colors are:Kings (royal blue), Petos (teal), Chubs (light blue), Bonitos (navy) and Cunene (neon blue.)

Meet Theme

A theme is designated for each Saturday swim meet. This gives team members an opportunity to show team spirit in wacky ways. Themes range from “show your team colors” to “Hawaiian Luau.” Look for information prior to each meet.

Pasta-Poster Parties

Each Friday evening prior to a meet, one age group is invited to a pasta dinner and party. Posters are made for the following day’s meet and a great pasta dinner is enjoyed by all! All members of the age group are strongly encouraged to attend.

Saturday mornings at Wendy’s

After Saturday morning meets (both home and away), the team usually gathers at Wendy’s restaurant located just north of George Mason Drive on Lee Highway in Arlington. All swimmers and families are welcome to join in and celebrate the morning’s meet.

Holy Mackerel Week

Activities are planned for the entire week prior to the last regular season Saturday meet. The purpose is to “psych” everyone up by assigning a fun theme for each day such as “crazy hair,” “backwards & inside out,” “I love my coaches,” etc. There are contests, challenges, and a “swimmer of the day” is chosen.

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